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        Hello and thank you for visiting my website!
You've worked hard decorating your house.  Don't be disappointed by your switchplate covers!

Whether you style is country, contemporary or exotic, we have the switchplate cover for you.  We have something for everyone--men, women, and children.

Each switchplate is carefully made by hand using a variety of techniques.  All plates fit any common switch or receptacle.  The screws necessary to mount your new switchplate are included and have been hand painted to blend into the colors on the plate.

Gift Orders:
I'll send your gifts for you!
How Do I place an order?
We exchange details via email and/or phone.  If you are in the Phila/Wilmington DE area we can meet in person.  I will accept your check, money order or cash(in person). 
We will also ship nationwide.
Any personal information that you give will not be sold or given to anyone for any reason.  Your information is only used to process, ship and track orders. 

Advanced Search find the right switchplate!
Select Your Switchplate Style:
any style 1 toggle 1 toggle - 1 duplex outlet 2 toggle 3 toggle 4 toggle 5 toggle
1 duplex outlet 2 duplex outlet 3 duplex outlet 4 duplex outlet 1 toggle - 3 duplex outlet 1 toggle - 3 duplex outlet
2 toggle - 1 duplex outlet decora/GFI 2 decora/GFI 3 decora/GFI 4 decora/GFI 5 decora/GFI
1 decora/GFI - 1 duplex outlet 2 decora/GFI - 1 duplex outlet 1 toggle - 1 decora/GFI 2 toggle - 1 decora/GFI 1 cable tv 1 phone 1 blank 2 blank

single styles   $16.00
double styles  $20.00
triple styles   $30.00
quad styles    $40.00
5 position styles  $55.00
6 position styles  $65.00